Erik Sampson

CEO, Second Consulting

Committed to continuous learning and personal development, Erik is a visionary and passionate advocate for individual potential. Seeking new perspectives and insights to expand his understanding, he takes great pride in crafting experiences and pathways that build connections between teams and community impact. Erik has served as a creative strategist in various industries ranging from educational management, hospitality, program development, community impact, and the performing arts.

Demonstrating exceptional leadership in both the nonprofit and educational sectors, his diverse professional background, as both a performing artist and operational consultant, has fostered a passion for discovery and the cultivation of meaningful connections that drive positive growth within his community.

In 2014, Erik co-founded and directed a statewide arts program that grew from two cities and forty students to a statewide STEAM charter based in Denver, Colorado. After serving as a Certified Life Coach and Curriculum Coordinator, Erik later stepped into the role of director of arts programming in the Denver region overseeing statewide enrollment for over three hundred students (middle through high school) pursuing college-congruent pathways in seven core artistic disciplines.

In 2019, Erik co-founded the New Mexico Dance Project with his wife Scarlett which was relaunched as vagabondance in Baton Rouge under the first iteration of the Arts Council of Greater Baton Rouge’s Artist Incubator Program. To date, Erik's leadership has led to the production of over sixty original community performances, 112 artistic collaborations, and helped bring artistic work to audiences both nationally and internationally.

Serving as a project consultant under the newly launched Second Consulting, Erik made his way to Baton Rouge, Louisiana where he serves as the Operations Director for Steadfast Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit charitable foundation committed to bridging the gap to life-changing resources for economically disadvantaged individuals across East Baton Rouge Parish.

In his role as Operations Director, Erik has led the creation of a first-of-its-kind Poverty Risk and Stability Assessment tool that has enabled the foundation to reach a $2 million impact threshold on poverty-stricken communities within the first two years of programmatic implementation.

Currently, Erik serves as the executive director and co-founder of vagabondance with his wife Scarlett while overseeing the strategic development of new programs and community impact initiatives by Steadfast Foundation.

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