Stuart Gilly

Partner, Trility Partners

Stuart considers himself lucky to wear the hats of both an entrepreneurial mentor and a business strategist. His introduction to the business world started when he was 15 in his parents' garage. From there, Stuart and his family grew a modest construction venture into a multi-million-dollar triumph over 14 transformative years. He then spent a decade steering the ship at a technology company, honing a flair for business scaling. These adventures have schooled Stuart in resilience, equipped him with strategic vision, and taught him the art of the timely pivot. All of this has shaped him into the mentor he is today, ready to guide the next wave of business leaders.

Navigating the business landscape is an exhilarating journey, and it's his role at Trility Partners to guide CEOs and business owners through those pivotal moments. Whether the goal is to accelerate growth or orchestrate an exit that safeguards their legacy, he finds immense satisfaction in shaping these crucial transitions.

Balancing this, he also manages investor relations. Think of it as strategic alignment, uniting the right people with the right vision and ensuring all parties are geared towards collective success.

Business, like life, is a collaborative endeavor. Challenges? Yes, everyone has them. But he often reminds others that "iron sharpens iron." At Trility, Stuart and the team cultivates an environment where everyone is empowered to grow, protect their legacy, and succeed. 

Few experiences offer the joy of realizing someone else's dreams—something Stuart relishes as a Vistage Chair. The thrill he gets from orchestrating powerful conversations among talented and hungry CEOs is unparalleled. By leveraging Vistage's proven systems, Stuart offers not only group wisdom but individual coaching that hits the mark. If you're pondering how to scale your leadership effectiveness, Stuart is a message away. 

On the personal front, he’s been blessed with an incredible life partner, Kim, who’s been his rock through every twist and turn. Her support is the cornerstone that allows Stuart to be the father of 3 incredible girls. Anchored by his steadfast faith, Stuart wholeheartedly feels that his life is deeply rewarding.

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